Authentic Terminator T 800 Tankard With Endoskeleton


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The Terminator T 800 Tankard is a Great Collectible for any Terminator Fan.

Not looking forward to the Dark Fate ahead on this Judgement Day? The Terminator T 800 Tankard filled with your favorite drink will be your Salvation!

Terminator T 800 Tankard

The Judgement Day handle is the base of the flesh-shed robotic hand from the Terminator.  On the opposite side of the tankard is Cyberdyne Systems’ triangular logo.

The outer edge of the handle is stamped with T-800 Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

Terminator T 800 Tankard

The “Just Another Judgement Day At The Office” tankard is official Terminator merchandise and is made of the highest quality resin and stainless steel insert.

The highly detailed tankard is a limited edition that will be the envy of those who miss out.

Where to Buy the Official Terminator Tanker

Last update was on: July 30, 2022 20:53

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