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Terraplanter Inside Out Planter Is A Water ATM For Your Greens

The Terraplanter Inside Out Planter Waters Inside While Your Plant Grows on the Outside.

The Terraplanter Inside Out Planter is a soil-free hydroponic water bank diffusing water through cells in the porous vessel walls to keep your plants hydrated.

The plants root on the 100% natural planter walls and the planter is completely reusable, much like a plant grows on tree bark.

As the plant roots it is able to drink at the desired pace through the slowly diffusing cells.

The unique shape and textured outer wall is meant, not only to give your plants to have something to root on, but also, to hold seeds for initial germination.

A healthy benefit to the inside out design allows your plant to have complete access to water and air simultaneously.

The inside out hydroponic planter provides the liberty of your choice of plant with endless opportunities and blends well with any interior decor.

Take advantage of the early 22% savings while the product is crowdfunding.

Where to Buy the Terraplanter Inside Out Planter

Terraplanter Inside Out Hydroponic Planter
Terraplanter Inside Out Hydroponic Planter
An inside-out hydroponic planter. Just add water inside & the plant grows on the outside.
$62.00 $80.00

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