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Twisted Acacia Wood Stool


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Make a statement with this uniquely handcrafted Thai Twisted Acacia Wood Stool.

The one quarter twist stool fits any decor and can be used as a night stand, end table, display stand, or last minute seating.  Artisans in Thailand handcrafted the twisted stool from Acacia wood.

The process of nature and the handmade process makes each stool a one-of-a-kind.  The eye catching uniqueness lies in the variations of wood pattern.

What nature creates is always in style, this 20 inch high and 12 inch square stool complements both traditional and contemporary styles. Makes a perfect gift for any homemaker.

Where to Buy the Twisted Acacia Wood Stool

Thai Twisted Acacia Wood Stool
Thai Twisted Acacia Wood Stool
Our stool is handcrafted of acacia wood by artisans in Thailand.
$89.99 $179.99

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