The Fart Filter: A Flatulence Filtering Prank


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The Fart Filter makes the perfect prank box for any occasion.

The Fart Filter prank box is one of many absolutely hilarious, yet just plausible enough to set the hook.  The professionally laid out design resembles an actual cheesy TV infomercial product.  Simply, place your gift inside, wrap it with normal wrapping paper and watch the recipient launch into an emotional short circuit.  The yellow inner flaps reveal the prank!  In case that fails and they are just overly anxious to filter their farts, they will be relieved once they see your unique gift inside.  If they are not relieved to find this to be a prank, you probably need to reevaluate your relationship.

Here is a review describing the results:

“I saw the Prank gift boxes on a TV show with people pitching ideas to investors. Knowing that our holiday gift giving has not been as “fun: as when the kids were little, I decided to purchase the Prank gift boxes for all of my family holiday gift giving. I do have to say the looks on my adult kids faces was priceless – once they opened the gift box, they realized it was a prank and we all had lots of laughs.” – Jean H.


What are some pranks you have pulled on family during the holidays?

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