The Four Horsies Of The Pocalypse: Collectible & Disturbing


The Four Horsies of the Pocalypse are a Deranged Blend of the Little Pony Figurines and the End of Time.

The four horses of the apocalypse have taken on many forms. However, the Four Horsies of the Pocalypse usher in a whole new level of artistic interpretation without sparing the end of the ultimate calamity. Each teen filly gallops in representing their own mission such as War, Famine, Death, and Pestilence. Each teeny bopping pony has been sculpted in their own unique cataclysmic character.

These last generation destruction harbingers are hellbent to bring destruction to earth. But first, the Four Horsies of the Pocalypse will have to vanquish Queen Chroma and her rainbow sprite army and their own issues that tend to sideswipe victory. Each figurine has an articulating, ball jointed wings, head and jaw.

Clash: The Hot Head of The Horsies

Clash is the last of the long line of battle raging war horses. This red tailed hot head is constantly on the lookout for next blood filled conquest and is willing to take on anyone willing to step up.  Her superpower is an outrageously uncontrollable temper tantrum.

Raven: The Diet Deficient Burro of Doomsday

True to her ravenous character, Raven is constantly “Hangry.” The incessantly famished teen voraciously coveting for what everyone else has until she gets it. Then, she begins a journey to the next destitution.

Calamity: The Miserably Phlegm Filled Filly

If there is ever an outlier among the fringe, Calamity is sitting on the outer edge of it. Perpetually curse with flu like symptoms, Calamity is (oddly enough) plagued with constantly wearing a gas mask at all times to prevent from infecting her evil accomplices.

Ghost: The Apprehensive Phantasma

The only thing that scares Ghost is Ghost himself. He is, truly, a nervous nellie about the necrotic effect he has on others.  Anything he touches gets snuffed out, so he is anxiously mindful of others proximity to him. He is so focused on not repeating the fatal mishaps of the past, he has difficulty completing his mission.

Find the clear unpainted version on Amazon below and provide your own color scheme for each horsie.

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