The HyperCube Is An Infinity Lamp Of Transforming Hyperspace Light


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The HyperCube Encapsulates a Near Infinite Amount of Dancing Lights in a Personal Portal

The HyperCube is an ultra psychedelic art cube that transforms any room into a hyperspace wormhole.  In other words, it is like a lava lamp on some serious steroids.

The star-striking cubes are controlled by the free app, compatible with iOS and Android, with over 95 color patterns displayed in three modes.

The Hypercube Is An Infinity Lamp Of Transforming Hyperspace Light

Have Your Ultra Chromatic Light React To Sound, Use It In Kaleidoscopic Mode, Or Reset Your Mind In A Meditative Mode.

Using the Hypercube app, you control the brightness, speed, and symmetry, customizing the HyperCube to your favorite colors and modes.

Sound reactive mode brings life into the hyperspace light and your party by transforming musical frequencies into light patterns responding to the beat.

The Hypercube Is An Infinity Lamp Of Transforming Hyperspace Light

When you start your music, the embedded microphone will sense the sound and send the HyperCube LED lights to move to the music.

Kaleidoscope mode liberates the Hypercube revealing its maximum luminosity of 16 million colors, a wide variety of animations and dynamic color palettes, as well as, shifting symmetries.

Meditative mode calms and soothes as the tranquilizing pulse and soft glow make for a relaxing mood light or bedside night lighting.

The Hypercube Is An Infinity Lamp Of Transforming Hyperspace Light

LED lights optimize the endless illusion by reflecting off of the Hypercube mirrors to provide a seemingly infinite depth.

Whether you’re looking for an experience in a starship hyperdrive, radical entertainment decor, or a sleep-inducing bedside night light, this captivating light art will be your tabletop portal.


  • Six models 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″ and 24″ cubes
  • 95 unique custom-coded patterns, and 3 modes
  • Randomly generated color palettes shift every 10s (adjustable)
  • LEDs: bright and color-saturated addressable LEDs, rated to last for 50,000+ hours
  • Windows: scratch-proof, shatter-proof, lightweight, optical-grade acrylic
  • Frame: sleek, high-durability PVC
  • Low power draw: average 6W / 12W for HC10 / HC15
  • 5V power supply included, with US outlet plug
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity for mobile app
  • 1 year warranty

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