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The Moon Live Stream Anti Gravity Camera

$149.00 $250.00
The Moon Live Stream Anti Gravity Camera
The Moon Live Stream Anti Gravity Camera
$149.00 $250.00

@1Ring via Indiegogo

The Moon Live Stream Levitating Smart Camera

World's First Floating Home Security Cam With Built In Hub

The Moon Live Stream Anti Gravity Camera is the latest tech to hit the magnetic floating technology market that is now booming.

Adding to the new and unique Moon live stream camera is a bucket load of extra features.  The primary responsibility of the Moon camera is home security surveillance.   It initiates notifies the home owner with a direct live feed upon any sound activation or movement.  Once live streaming two way communication is also available so you can spook the burglars or welcome your family home.

The Moon levitating camera also acts as a smart hub for most, if not all of your smart appliances.  Compatiblity includes IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, the device is compatible with Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.  Seamless communication occurs through WIFI, Bluetooth, Z Wave, Zigbee and IR Blaster protocols.  Finally, the one of a kind home camera monitors temperature, humidity, light, has CO2 sensors, night vision capability, and three noise-canceling microphones.  The Moon camera charges wirelessly while levitating.

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