The Wine Glass Bottle Holds 750 ml Of Wine To Fit Your Needs


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The Wine Glass Bottle is the Ultimate Wine Glass When You Need to Cut Back to One Glass Per Day!

The Wine Glass Bottle is the perfect wine glass for any wine snob after a day when a conventional wine glass is simply unacceptable.

Wine drinkers will love the inscription “Finally, A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs!

The size of this odd yet amusing wine glass is 2.8″ wide by 10.4″ tall.

You can even take it on the go using the unbreakable FOAM cooler to keep your wine chilled.

The giant wine bottle glass by Big Mouth Inc has many hilarious labeling options that you can find HERE such as:

The Wine Glass Bottle &Quot;I Need A Huge Glass Of Wine&Quot;

The Wine Glass Bottle &Quot;It's Not Good To Keep Things Bottled Up!&Quot;

The Wine Glass Bottle The Wine For Mom

The Wine Glass Bottle  A Glass Of Wine A Day

The Wine Glass Bottle Enough For 2 People


The Wine Glass Bottle Only Have Time For One Glass

With all these choices, you can find the wine glass bottle that makes the perfect gift for the wine connoisseurs in your life and a great selfie gift as well.

Where to buy the Wine Bottle Glass to Fit Your Needs

The Original Wine Bottle Glass
The Original Wine Bottle Glass

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