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Outdoor Fire Pit Globe Of The Third Rock is Amazingly Detailed


Handcrafted in the USA, Each Third Rock Laser Cut Fire Pit Globe is Out of This World!

The Third Rock fire pit globe is plasma cut from 1/4″ thick carbon steel by the talented artists at Fire Pit Art. 

Each fire pit ball comes numbered by the artist on a brass plaque and the continental details are unique to each one.

The outdoor fire pit globe’s carbon steel thickness allows for tolerance of wood burning a tall fire column to keep you warm, roast marshmallows or hotdogs, or just enjoy in the backyard.

Third Rock Fire Pit Globe

As the wood burns, the fire jumps through the unique continental cut outs producing a truly unparalleled flaming display.

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In addition to its durable construct, the inner bowl of the metal globe fire pit is hand rolled with a paint that is resistant to high temperatures.

Third Rock Fire Pit Globe

The outer side has a maintenance-free, iron oxide patina that darkens over time enhancing it’s already distinctive look.

The fire pit is 36″ in diameter and stands 40″ tall.  The 1 1/2″ drain in the middle of the fire sphere allow the rain to drain and prevents rust build up. 

The Third Rock fire pit sits on a base that is 19″ in diameter and 6″ tall.

Where to Buy the Globe Steel Fire Pit By Third Rock Art

Unique Globe 36-Inch Handmade Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit - Third Rock By Fire Pit Art
Unique Globe 36-Inch Handmade Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit - Third Rock By Fire Pit Art
Each piece is a handmade work of art
$1,627.08 $1,984.24

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