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The ThomasWork Wood Valet Charging Station Is Liberating


The Wood Valet Charging Station Organizer by ThomasWork Clears Up Your Mess!

The handcrafted wood valet charging station provides one location for your all of your everyday carry items like your wallet, keys, watch, phone, and more in one neat and decorative spot.  Each wood valet is handmade with Appalachian Cherry and Walnut wood in Shock, West Virginia.

The tray keeps all you pocket goods on the base of the charging station.  The charging dock has a slot to slip your charging cord under the valet and through to your phone.  You phone sits in a wood amplifier to boost your favorite playlist by 25-30% as you begin to relax from your day.

Earbuds and watch bands fit securely through the notch in the upper bar above your phone.  The right side of the bar is perfect for larger watches, bracelets, or headphones.

The best part of this wood valet charging station is the back story.  Matt Thomas was a carpenter in West Virginia that suffered a career ending injury.  Like all good ‘Mericans, he didn’t let that get him down.

He began to learn the craft of woodworking and is now producing his own line of products.  So, there was no doubt we were going to jump at the chance to offer some.  There will be more to come provided he keeps up the good work!

Where to Buy the Handcrafted Wood Valet Charging Station Organizer

ThomasWork Wooden Valet Charging Station
ThomasWork Wooden Valet Charging Station

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