Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her In 2020


Guys, we are here to bail you out on Valentine’s Day!

OK guys, I’ll admit it, so you don’t have to. The two most rare characteristics for guys are sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Furthermore, one of the most difficult gifts to buy is a Valentine’s Day gift.

Our better halves anticipate deep meanings, being sensitive to their interests, and a well though out gift to represent all that is love between us. Mrs. Obvious sitting next to me agrees that is not an arena that we perform well in.

Well between us, worry no more, I am here to bail you out.  I have compiled 5 of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her that you will find anywhere.  So let’s get to it….you may be running out of time.

Personalized Memory Tree Bark Keepsake

Personalized Memory Tree Bark Keepsake

Don’t carve your initials on some random tree out in the woods you may never find again!  Get them carved on a wood canvas with a wood stand and keep her reminded you love her every time see sees it on display!

The wood canvas is imprinted with a tree bark print and initials are carved into real wood creating a beautiful 3D effect of the heart symbols and your initials.  The unique back design gives the illusion of floating off of the wall when hung.

Grooves are cut into the back for hanging or you can add a wood base to display in any room of the house.  Each canvas has a different wood print unique to its own.  She will have a one of a kind handcrafted keepsake to cherish.

Never Withered Flower

Never Withered Fresh Flower

Want to keep it simple for the girl who loves flowers?  Don’t spend 50 bucks on flowers that will die in a week!

This never withered fresh flower will keep for a life span of 3-4 years at half the cost!   It will be a symbol of your eternal love.

The eternal rose comes in a retro gift box and multiple colors to suit her favorite color.

It never needs watering and is perfect for her on her special day!

DIY Explosion Gift Box

The DIY Explosion Gift Box

That’s right boys, your gonna have to put a little work into this one!  I can’t do it all for ya!  But there is no doubt she will love and appreciate the effort you put into it.

While closed the box looks like a gift box.  When opened it will explode falling back and revealing your photographic memories together in a multi-layered layout showing all the love you put into it.

The center piece is a small gift box where a ring, necklace or other special gift can be placed.  You will bank plenty of snuggle points for this gift and she will love it!

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar

Kind Notes Keepsake Gift Jar

The perfect unique way to brighten her day and giver her a smile when your not there!  31 notes to remind her that you love and support her!  She can open one each day or when she just needs a little inspiration.

This unique keepsake glass jar is stocked full of decorated envelopes that can be prominently displayed and admired at home or in the office.  KindNotes has range of messages to suit your relationship such as love, friendship, inspiration, and more.

Remind her again and again that you are constantly thinking about her!

Organic Bathbomb Gift Set

Organic Bath Gift Set

Don’t let Calgon take her away!  If she is an all natural gal, give her this organic bath gift set.

The unique fizzer bombs come in RELAX (Lavender), DETOX (Vanilla), ENERGIZE (Grapefruit), DESTRESS (Peppermint), CONGESTION RELIEF (Eucalyptus).

Ingredients include shea butter & cocoa oil for moisturizing her skin. She will be relaxed and refreshed after the long lasting but not overwhelming aromas.

She will agree these are the most relaxing and natural bath bombs available. And she won’t even have to clean the tub of stains made by dyes or chemicals as neither are in these bath bombs.

Jay has been a web designer since 2010. He is the Chief Editor at Beyond Box Gifts. When he is not trimming his beard with fire, you can usually find him face first in a burrito bowl.


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