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Tipsy Tower Drinking Game is a Viral Adult Game When Hosting Friends


Tipsy Tower Drinking Game is a Hilariously Fun Adult Game With over 50 blocks and 35 Unique Rules

This drinking game with Jenga blocks has over 35 unique rules to keep straight during your progressing inebriation.  It’s a great for tailgating, college parties, backyard beer summits, bachelor or bachelorette parties, home bars, and more!

The set includes 54  blocks that are 1″ x 3″ of quality wood with an aesthetic black finish to give it a unique one of a kind look.  One of the 35 unique rules are printed on each of the 54 blocks and provide a unique experience each time you play!

Some of the best classics are included: story time, moose, make a rule, in combination with some brand new rules: god, most likely to, nicknames, truth or dare.

If you are more of a jelly shot kind of partier, check out the Little Tipsy Jello Shot Tower drinking game with jenga blocks on Amazon.

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