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Toilet Water Bowl For Dogs And Cats They’ll Love


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Does Your Pet Crave Toilet Bowl Water?

The Toilet Water Bowl for dogs and cats provides them with their own personal commode to drink water from, so they can stay out of your bathrooms.

I’m not sure what the allure of toilet water is for pets. I tried it once in high school by force and have never had much taste for it since.

Regardless, the Big Mouth Inc. Toilet Water Bowl for pets is a great way to tempt your pet to drink water.

It is made of ceramic and is heavy enough to allow your small to medium pet to drink without knocking it over.

Simply poke or drill a small hole into the cap of any 2-liter bottle, fill the bottle with water, and place it into the insert area of the tank.

If you buy it as a cat toilet water bowl, your cat may question it for a while till they figure out it is too small for them to fall in.

Where to Buy the Toilet Water Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Toilet Water Bowl For Dogs And Cats
Toilet Water Bowl For Dogs and Cats
A Pet Water Dish That Looks Like A Toilet Life is full of towering challenges.
$29.95 $39.95

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