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Top Shelf Camera Bag Instant Access For Assertive Photographers

The Top Shelf Camera Bag is an Ultra Fast All Access Gear Bag For Amateur and Professional Photographers Alike

If you’re a photographer, you know that all camera bags on the market either focus on convenience or speed.

But since both characteristics are indispensable for a professional photographer, a lot of bags tried to find a decent balance between the two.

One of the most advantageous camera gear bags that provides instant access without compromising storage quality is the Top Shelf Camera Bag.

So what sets the Top Shelf Camera Bag apart? Let’s dive in!

Top Shelf Camera Bag Features

We have dug to the bottom of the Top Shelf Camera Bag to find out more about its quality and performance.

Here’s how the camera bag compares to others in terms of essential camera bag features:

Design & Style

The design of the Top Shelf bag doesn’t neglect aesthetics. Top Shelf is an open layout sling camera bag with a slender profile despite being spacious on the inside.

The bag is made from water-resistant and durable nylon and transforms into a waterproof camera bag with a rain cover!

Camera Bag Waterproof Rain Cover

You can easily wear it as a backpack or a crossbody camera bag, which gives it a huge edge over other bags that are limited to one wearing option.

Crossbody Camera Bag

Ease of Access

The zippers on the bag are of decent quality and slide on neatly.

However, the most impressive part of the bag was the top flap that allows you to instantly reach your camera in a matter of 1.1 seconds.


Quick Access Camera Bag

One unique aspect of the bag is that the latch design on the top shelf bag is similar to the one used for race car helmets, which guarantees that your contents will never fall out on their own!

Secure Latch Camera Bag Durable

Compartments and Storage

There are multiple customizable pockets and sections for your laptop, paperwork, keys, and more, so there’s no need to walk around with two bags!

Customizable Camera Bag

What Are the Most Unique Aspects of the Bag?

Now that you have a better idea about the Top Shelf Camera Bag features, here’s a quick insight into the things that I absolutely loved about the bag!

Allows You to Reach Your Content Instantly

The bag doubles as a sling and backpack, so you can shift between them and fetch for the camera almost instantly.

Gives You a Table-top Platform

You not only have instant access to your camera right away, but you can also use the bag as a platform to use your laptop for uploads or change the lens on the camera.

Customizable Camera Bag

You can also use the table top platform as a video stabilizer to the the clearest shot possible.

Highly Customizable and Dependable

If your worried that your gear may not fit in the compartments. The compartments are customizable, which makes them compatible with a variety of gear brands and sizes.

This versatile camera bag gives you the edge you need for the shot no one else can get!

The bag is perfect for shutterbugs who seek adaptability, storage, and convenience without missing a shot.

Save 28% on this unique camera bag during their crowdfunding.  Production has begiun according to updates, and shipping is expected to begin July 2021.

Where to Buy the Top Shelf Camera Bag

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Top Shelf Camera Bag
Top Shelf Camera Bag
Instantly access all your gear while keeping it organized and secure. Never miss the shot anywhere.
$249.00 $349.00

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