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TOSY Flying Duo Frisbee & Boomerang Takes You To The Dark Side


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The TOSY Flying Duo is the Most Fun You Can Have in the Dark

Grab these frisbees and head over to the dark side! The Tosy Flying Duo is a Frisbee and Boomerang light show that will leave you in awe.

The innovative design features the iconic flying disc shape that you know and love, with 360 LED lights that show beautiful patterns in the dark.

Tosy Flying Duo Flying Disc

The TOSY Flying Disc provides 6 timer settings and brightness options for playing day or night.

Play Ultimate Frisbee with the Flying Duo Disc

Amaze your friends and family while you toss the brilliant frisbee or play a game of Ultimate Frisbee at night!

The TOSY flying disc will take a standard game of Ultimate Frisbee and transform it into an out-of-this-world experience.

Tosy Flying Duo Frisbee Disc Boomerang

The record-breaking frisbee is well-balanced and has the perfect weight to gain the right momentum for those long-distance throws and the perfect pull upwind or downwind.

With the Ultimate 10″ and Ultimate 7″ settings, players will never have to argue over contested stalls, as the LEDs are the ultimate judge.

Flying Duo Boomerang Exact Return

Launch the round TOSY Boomerang with the included launcher and the smart LEDs will automatically light up in flight while it returns to you.

Tosy Flying Boomerang Exact Return

It is lightweight and comfortable to catch, so all ages 5 to 95 can enjoy it.

Target your boomerang toward a wall or ceiling and watch it cling to the surface and spin like a top.

Once you get the hang of the basics, master your trick shots to become the next Dude Perfect!

The Flying Duo combines as one for maximum portability of the disc, boomerang, and launcher.

Flying Duo Features

Color Options

The Flying Duo disc and boomerang come in colors that are the perfect fit for anyone; purple, blue, white, green, red, and yellow.


The TOSY Flying Duo is rechargeable with USB-C Type-C compatibility.  Just a 30-minute charge on the flying disc provides hours of flighty fun.

Charge the boomerang for 30 minutes and get up to 270 launches.


The TOSY Flying DUO is waterproof, but the exact ratings are not yet available.  They are submerged in water while in use for the ultimate test.

The use of buoyant materials keeps the disc and boomerang afloat when they land in your swimming pool.


The disc and boomerang of the TOSY Flying Duo have been tested over and over again to withstand hard impact to ensure the LEDs are intact during play.

The design of the toy is inspired by the rising popularity of Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and people’s fascination with flying objects. This is the ultimate toy for your next outdoor adventure.

Where to Buy the Tosy Flying Duo

Tosy Flying Duo - 360 Led Flying Disc &Amp; Boomerang
TOSY Flying Duo - 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang
360 LEDs | Adjustable Brightness | 6 Timer Modes | Exact Return | Rechargeable | Waterproof | Smart Packaging
$64.00 $80.00

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