Tovolo Zombie Pop Molds


Tovolo Zombie Pop Molds let you eat the undead before they eat you!

The Tovolo Zombie Pop Molds make entertaining popsicles after a long, hot day on the trampoline.  The silicone popsicle molds are amazingly detailed.  Just fill the mold with your favorite ingredient the peel the mold inside out for perfect results.  In addition, they are not just made for juice, fill and freeze the molds with your favorite ingredients such as yogurt, pudding, or smoothies.  After you are done, the undead popsicle molds clean easily in the dishwasher.  NOT A ZOMBIE FAMILY?  No worries, Tovolo has thought about you too!  The molds also come as dinosaurs, more friendly looking monsters, penguins, robots, swords, Yetis and tiki poles.  They even have a thumbsicle.  How much more comforting can it get.  If you can't find one you like, you probably don't like popsicles.

Here is what other zombie eaters are saying:

"My daughter loves sweets so what better way to give her what she wants and make her yogurt popsicles! These are are small enough that the frozen stuff doesn’t melt away faster than she can eat it. I was really impressed on how easy they were to take out of the molds once frozen! We are a big zombie fan family so the design is perfect too! I also ordered the Dino ones and an ice cream cone set! Super cute!!!!" - Arbez


What creative snacks are your kids' favorites?

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