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Trailer Valet RVR5 Remote Control Trailer Dolly Controlled By Wireless Remote


The Trailer Valet RVR is the Newest Power Dolly in the Family of Heavy Duty Travel Valet Trailer Movers.

The Trailer Valet RVR is a self-motorized and fully remote controlled dolly on tracks that lets you spend less time blindly maneuvering your camper or trailer and more time getting on with your adventure.

Trailer Valet RVRs even take the “chore” out of putting your RV, campers, boats, or trailers back into their storage area when the trip is done.  Use the remote control successfully from up to 40 feet giving you unsurpassed control and viewing in even the tightest spaces.

The planetary gear motors and tank like tracks give you a 360 degree range of motion regardless of terrain.  The Trailer Valet RVR RVR will maneuver your trailer on grass, gravel, asphalt, or dirt.

There are three models to the RVR.  The RVR3 hauls up to 3000 lbs, the RVR 5 will transport up to 5500 lbs, and the RVR9 will tug that 9000 lb load right into place with pin point accuracy.

Travel Valet is soon to introduce the RVR12 that will even tow that 12,000 behemoth.

The one difference we did notice between the models is that the RVR3 is a frame mount dolly system and does not come equipped with a trailer ball.

You do have an option of purchasing the 2″ or 2 5/16 ball mount system that is quickly connected by one single pin.

Where to Buy the Trailer Valet RVR Remote Control Dolly

Trailer Valet RVR5 Trailer Dolly
Trailer Valet RVR5 Trailer Dolly

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