Transformable Kinetic Lamp With Flexible Lamp Shade


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The D’Light Kinetic Lamp Transforms Into A Custom Lamp Shade To Your Specific Style.

The transformable kinetic lamp adjusts to 14 different shapes to fit your taste and decor. 

The shade has a unique honeycomb construction, displaying the appearance of a pleated lampshade.

The honeycomb design of the kinetic lamp allows for a custom transformation in shape. 

Turn the lampshade upwards for a more modern lampshade design. 

Turn it downward for a more skirt-lampshade look.

Fold it completely down and reveal a heart-shaped lampshade or adjust the shade inward and outward. 

Each direction adjusts illumination by increasing or decreasing the bulb’s exposure.

This kinetic table lamp performs very well in producing its varying shapes. 

When treated with moderate care, the adjustable shade is not as fragile as it appears and easily accomplishes the desired shape.

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Where to Buy the Transformable Kinetic Lamp

The Transformable Kinetic Lamp
The Transformable Kinetic Lamp

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