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Transformable Kinetic Table Lamp With Flexible Lamp Shade


Transformable Kinetic Table Lamp

Kinetic Lighting With A Flexible Lamp Shade

The D’Light Kinetic Table Lamp Transforms Into A Custom Lamp Shade To Your Specific Style.

The transformable kinetic table lamp adjusts to 14 different shapes to fit your taste and decor.  The shade has a unique honeycomb construction displaying the appearance of a pleated lamp shade. The honeycomb design allows for a custom transformation in shape.  Turn the lamp shade upwards for a more modern lamp shade design.  Turn it downward for a more skirt lamp shade look.

Fold it completely downward and reveal a heart shaped lamp shade or adjust the shade inward and outward.  Each direction adjusts illumination by increasing or decreasing the bulbs exposure.  This transformable kinetic table lamp performs very well in producing its varying shapes.  When treated with moderate care, the adjustable shade is not as fragile as it appears and easily accomplishes the desired shape.

Here is what one satisfied purchaser had to say”

“I must say that the reality of the Kinetic lamp exceeded my expectations. I truly expected to be disappointed in the lamp performing as admirably as it does in achieving the results as the lamp was advertised as capable of achieving. The relative ease of performing these functions to reach the designs and forms as advertised is appreciated as well. Also noted with surprise as well as pleasure, is that while treating the article with modest care, it is not as fragile and as prone to mishap as it’s appearance had led me to expect. I find that I can achieve different designs with relative ease without harming the product.” – Jimmy



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