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Trigger Point Rocker Relieves Back Pain & Relaxes Muscles

In Reality, the Trigger Point Rocker is a Device to Improve Health in Many More Ways too!

The Trigger Point Rocker is a pain relieving device developed from clinical settings of thousands seeking relief from back and muscle pain from Dr Aaron Fu. 

The TPR can be used for a quick tune up after a workout or to provide relief for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Trigger Point Rocker Relieves Pain and Increases Blood Circulation

Long periods of over use, heavy lifting, and injuries of our back can displace our spine from its proper alignment and contract muscles for long periods of time causing irritation, discomfort, or even severe pain.

Through TPR’s properly aligned curvature and trigger point knobs, you can individually target your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back with one device.

Trigger Point Rocker Relieves Back Pain & Relaxes Muscles

What Happens When a Trigger Point is Released?

A trigger point is a tightly banded strand of muscle, basically a “charlie horse”, when knotted  cramps are triggered causing pain.  Trigger Point Rockers apply direct pressure on the trigger point through a soft nodule resisting your body weight.

Trigger Point Rocker Relieves Back Pain & Relaxes Muscles

This pressure relaxes the muscle and allows for increased blood flow and oxygen relieving the pain.

Adjusting your body’s position allows you to control the amount and duration of the pressure applied.  For added pressure you can use kettle balls or dumbbells to increase the weight applied. 

Trigger Point Rocker Relieves Back Pain & Relaxes Muscles

TPR’s curvature and pain relieving knobs are arranged for optimal benefit for relieving pain, stabilizing and strengthening your core, and aligning your spine in the proper curvature.

You can even use the Trigger Point Rocker while you are sitting to assist in correcting your posture.  Posture support is extremely important for those who sit for long periods of time.

TPR can be used as a back rest against your chair to help reduce the tension on back muscles and pressure against proper spine curvature that exponentially increase during prolonged sitting.

Other benefits of using TPR can be improved mood and sleep,  workout recovery, decreased stress and increased blood circulation.

TPR fits most everyone from 5′ tall to 6’6 and can support a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Trigger Point Rocker price starts at $49 dollars for a single unit on Indiegogo, that’s a savings of 50%, if you want to get in on it early.

Where to Buy the Trigger Point Rocker

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Trigger Point Rocker
Trigger Point Rocker
Developed by Dr. Aaron Fu based on 1000s of screaming backs, necks & shoulders.
$49.00 $99.00

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