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Trimax Wheel Lock Is A Universal Chock And Lock

Trimax Wheel Lock Keeps the Theives at bay and Keeps Your Trailer, RV, Motorcycle or ATV from Running Away.

Let’s face it, adventures on or in vehicles are fun, but the adventure doesn’t end there.  The Trimax Wheel Lock secures your vehicle so you can extend your adventure on foot, underwater, or in the air.

The Trimax Wheel Lock also acts as a chock to secure your trailer when unloading the boat or doing repairs.  The Universal sizing works with a wide range of tire sizes and is built with powder coated heavy duty steel and pick resistant locks.

Trimax Wheel Locks provide the security you are looking for whether your are deterring thieves or fighting gravity.  When you are done playing around and ready to get back to work, the wheel locks work great on the job site securing trailers that are commonly stolen.

Each wheel lock is simple install and easily adjusts to differing wheel sizes.  You can buy individual wheel locks or check out the pricing of the 2 packs.

Just don’t forget to take it off before you head out. The Trimax TLC65 Wheel Lock fits wheels from 12″-15″ and the Trimax TCL275 fits 14″16″ wheel sizes.  Both are available at out of San Diego, California through our below links.

Where to Buy the Trimax Wheel Locks

Trimax Wheel Chock Lock
Trimax Wheel Chock Lock
Pricing Varies based on size and number of Wheel Locks purchased.
$57.94 $94.99

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