Outdoor Waterproof Speaker By Turtlebox


Turtlebox: Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


The TOUGHEST and LOUDEST Outdoor Waterproof Speaker You Will Ever Find!

The TurtleBox outdoor waterproof speaker is one of the best bluetooth speakers you will find on the market today.  Whether you are in the field, mountains, or marsh, you will appreciate the pure rugged tenacity.   The durable and waterproof outer shell performs in any environment.  Easily mounted to any outdoor vehicle or watercraft, the tough all weather design can take a beating.

Combining the 50 watt internal amplifier and the optimized frequency curve creates unmatched clarity driving distortion free sound through wind and long distances.  Unleash the earth-shaking, sound at up to 120dB!  That's louder than a live concert!  Enhancing the already unmatched waterproof bluetooth speaker, is the directional sound application.  Most bluetooth speakers operate through omni-directional sound, which distorts in the wind.  With the Turtlebox speaker, you can point all of the sound toward the user.  The portable bluetooth speakers can also be paired for stereo sound and used in urban environments.

Here is what one impressed purchaser had to say:

"This is my second TurtleBox purchase, the first being on Indiegogo. This speaker is so loud that my grandmother asked me to turn it down. Which is weird, because she passed away in ‘94. This a great outdoor speaker and can go pretty much wherever you want it. I have used it multiple times while working in the garage, outside hanging with friends, and on the beach with absolutely no problem hearing it from a distance. I’d highly recommend the TurtleBox over any other “brick” Bluetooth speaker due to its durability and sound." - MC


What tough adventurous activity would you like to test this bluetooth speaker on?

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