Ultimate Fort Blanket Kit For The Best Fort Building EVER!


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Now you can build with the Ultimate Fort Blanket Kit and not use your parent’s linens!

Fortifying a blanket fort is usually every kid’s dream and nearly every parent’s nightmare.

Tote A Fort brings the ultimate fort blanket kit to reality without stealing the blankets from every room.

Kids can build the tent of their dreams and parents don’t have to worry about messy rooms to do so!

Even better, this blanket kit has ties and weights to keep the blankets in place.

Tote A Fort solves this by having tie ends on each blanket with Velcro fasteners.

The bean bags assist when the blanket cannot be tied off.

Combine sets to build an even bigger fort when the neighborhood kiddies come over to spend the night.

This ultimate fort blanket kit is the perfect gift for any up-and-coming fort architect.

Where to Buy the Tote a Fort Blanket Kit


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