Unbreakable FOAM Cooler For Beverages You’ll Take Everywhere


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FOAM Coolers are Unlike Any Other Cooler You Have Seen!

FOAM coolers combine all the qualities of a durable cooler with the lightweight and portable features of a styrofoam cooler.

The FOAM cooler is the first cooler ever made of Croc shoes.  Well, not exactly.

They are constructed with the same advanced closed-cell EVA foam, providing thermal insulation to keep your drinks cool for up to 72 hours.

The cross-linked structure of foam and rubber is incredibly durable and provides outstanding impact absorption.

Yes, they tested its durability by running over it.  I guess the 💣explosion💥 permit didn’t get approved.

Unbreakable Foam Cooler For Beverages

With FOAM, broken handles, lids, or zippers are a thing of the past.

A durable cooler that won’t load you down or cost you a fortune, as those other heavy-duty ice chests will.

For any trip, FOAM is the ideal size. It is the perfect companion for a beautiful day because it is lightweight and convenient to carry.

Unbreakable Foam Cooler For Beverages Colors

Whether you are toting cans, long-neck bottles, wine, or food, FOAM coolers have plenty of room to still fill with ice.

With a 22-quart capacity, the FOAM cooler can hold 30 cans, 16 long-neck bottles, 4 bottles of wine, or 16 pounds of ice. Plenty to get you through any gathering.

FOAM is a flexible hybrid cooler that is not too hard or too soft.  Yet, FOAM has the benefit of both!

Unbreakable Foam Cooler For Beverages Gf

The high-tech foam is soft enough to prevent scratches on your boat or car, yet hard enough to be 100% leakproof.

You’ll wonder why you ever bothered carrying coolers with plastic handles or cheap unpleasant straps that dig into your shoulders when FOAM employs a remarkably sturdy seatbelt material carry strap.

Additionally, it has a one-handed access clip that keeps the lid closed tightly without the use of difficult-to-pull zippers that wear out.

FOAM coolers will even float, making them the perfect cooler for kayaking, tubing, or any lake or river adventures.

Unbreakable Foam Cooler For Beverages

FOAM is an affordable, long-lasting cooler that won’t break the bank or your back.

So whether it’s wine o’clock, beer thirty, or you just need to cool your favorite drink, the FOAM cooler is a great option.

Where to Buy the FOAM Cooler

Foam: The Next Generation Portable Cooler
FOAM: The Next Generation Portable Cooler

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