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Polar Seal Heated Shirt Beats Cold Into A Thing of The Past

Polar Seal Heated Shirts Combat the Cold so You can Travel Lighter in the Fall and Winter. Gone are the days of those bulky bubble jackets, itchy under layers and having to unload 10 lbs of clothing when you come in from the cold, only to don it again when you leave.  Polar Seal Heated Shirts ...

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LunaR Solar Powered Hybrid Smartwatch With Innovative Design

Don't let the minimalist design fool you!  The Lunar solar powered hybrid smart watch comes with breakthrough technology. Every aspect of the design of the Lunar solar powered hybrid smartwatch reduces the tech noise without the sacrifices.  The embedded LED layout and vibration technology ...

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Pizza Socks Box With Hawaiian, Italian, & Pepperoni Toppings

The Pizza Socks Box keeps your feet warm with your favorite toppings. If your formative years were like mine, the Pizza Socks Box will stir memories of every gift giving holiday where new socks and undies were almost a required supplemental gift.  At least the Pizza Socks Box has improved on ...

I Have Shat My Pantaloons Onesie

Teach your child to be both polite AND frank with this hilarious I Shat My Pantaloons Onesie. If there is one thing the Englishmen are known for, it is there ability to be frank and making it sound so polite.This hilarious onesie makes a great gift for any baby shower.  It will be the ...

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