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Get Well gifts are meant to help those ailing to feel better despite their illness or pass time and distract.  We found the most unique, useful, and cool gift ideas available.

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Portable Air Cooler Keeps You Cool Right At Your Desktop

The Urban Outfitters Portable Air Cooler will keep you Cool During Those Stuffy Summer Days. Stop the temperature war at your office and get this portable air cooler for your desk.  This powerful little space cooler will target the cool air in any direction you wish.The personal air cooler ...

Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool Is An EDC Germ Free Must Have

Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is an Essential Germaphobic Swiss Army Option to Fight the Germ Warfare! Once mocked by germ infested mongrels as overzealous, the Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool has vindicated germaphobes worldwide!  The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is a keychain EDC tool used to avoid ...

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Astronaut Food Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches

Astronaut Food Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches are a Far Cry from Original "Space Food" Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches are a light year away from the original space food in a tube that came out back in the 70s.  Astronaut Foods is now producing ice cream sandwiches that can be ...

Massive Blue Balls Bath Bombs Are A Sack Load Of Laughs

Just Drop Your Sack of Blue Balls and Relax in the Tub When life's pressure starts to build up, it's not good for men's health, grab a sack of these Massive Blue Balls Bath Bombs and soak with your balls for the slackness you need to recoup.  You will be amazed at the benefits you get from ...

The ThomasWork Wood Valet Charging Station Is Liberating

The Wood Valet Charging Station Organizer by ThomasWork Clears Up Your Mess! The wood valet charging stations provides one location for your all of your everyday carry items like your wallet, keys, watch, phone, and more in one neat and decorative spot.  Each wood valet is handmade with ...

Vinci Citrus Juicer Is A Hands Free Pressure Juicer

With the Vinci Citrus Juicer Works in Three Easy Steps: Slice, Insert, and Press Why another juicer?  The answer is simple.  The Vinci Citrus Juicer is a no frills, no bulk, pressure sensitive juicer by Vinci.  It works simply hands free, mess free, and you get fresh juice in 10 seconds.The ...

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