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Xbox Series S Pre Order, Specs, Release Date And More

Microsoft has finally released the price of the Xbox Series S and it is far cheaper than the Xbox Series X or PS5. Due to the outpouring of leaks, Microsoft realized the dam concealing the info on the XBox Series S was about to break.  This forced their hand to reveal the release date and more. ...

Upside Down Challenge Game Will Flip Your World View

The Upside Down Challenge Game Turns Everything you Know on its Head When your world is turned upside down EVERYTHING is challenging!  The Upside Down Challenge Game lets you compete with family and friends to complete tasks when your vision is flipped.  It will absolutely amaze you how things ...

3D Chicken Leg Pillow Looks Like A Real Two Foot Chicken Leg

The 3D Chicken Leg Pillow is a Realistic Huggable Pillow Chicken Lovers will Enjoy Cuddling The Chicken Leg Pillow appears to be a true to life chicken leg right off the grill.  You can almost smell it.  It works great as a ravishing reading pillow, a tasty TV watching pillow or a savory sofa ...

Paranormal Music Box May Conjur The Spirits Of Disco Past

The Paranormal Music Box is a Fun, yet, Creepy Music Box Built Like a Coffin. Ok, so the Paranormal Music Box, or PMB, may not conjur the spirit of Joni Sledge by playing the 1979 Hit Song "We Are Family." But, according to the sellers it is very effective in detecting paranormal activity. ...

Portable Air Cooler Keeps You Cool Right At Your Desktop

The Urban Outfitters Portable Air Cooler will keep you Cool During Those Stuffy Summer Days. Stop the temperature war at your office and get this portable air cooler for your desk.  This powerful little space cooler will target the cool air in any direction you wish.The personal air cooler ...

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