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Draft Top Tool Brings A Whole New Meaning to Pop-A-Top

The Draft Top Tool Can Opener Makes Room to Garnish Your Favorite Drink or Pops a Top on Your Favorite Ale for a More Full Flavor Taste. The Draft Top tool removes the top of almost any can and provides opportunities never before afforded to can drinkers.   It is specifically designed for safe ...

F Bomb Coffee Mug Keeps You Calm When Times Get Tough

When Life Hits You Before Your Coffee, Don't Drop an F Bomb Reach for the F Bomb Coffee Mug! The F Bomb Coffee Mug is a black ceramic coffee mug that holds 16 ounces.  When your fuse is lit, reach for this awesome looking coffee mug full of coping fluid.Now you no longer have to get that ...

Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Sharpens On the Bar Instantly

Oregeon PowerSharp Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Kit Sharpens in as Little as 3 Seconds We have always been told by the previous generation to work smarter not harder.  The chainsaw teeth sharpener from Oregon lets you do just that.  Sharpening chainsaw teeth can be a hassle and reduce productivity ...

The ThomasWork Wood Valet Charging Station Is Liberating

The Wood Valet Charging Station Organizer by ThomasWork Clears Up Your Mess! The wood valet charging stations provides one location for your all of your everyday carry items like your wallet, keys, watch, phone, and more in one neat and decorative spot.  Each wood valet is handmade with ...

Firefly 2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds With Dual Microphones

These Firefly 2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds By Jabees Keep Working Even After Being Submerged! Whether your in the water or get pushed into the pool by the one who thinks their funny at the party, Jabees FireFly 2 waterproof wireless earbuds are the best waterproof true wireless earbuds in ...

Unspillable Beer Glasses Will Drunk Proof Your Party

Unspillable Beer Glasses are an Invaluable Asset When its Party Time! Want to prevent wasting a good beer?  Unspillable beer glasses grip the surface to make sure a bump doesn't turn into a spill.  Everyone has come home from a hard days work, poured a cold one and before you could get a sip it ...

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