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Kitchen Gifts are those for any guy or gal who loves cooking something up.  Our unique kitchen finds will provide unique tools to do it, gadgets to stream it, or audio equipment to listen to your favorite music.

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BonBowl Portable Induction Cooktop Is a Space Saver

BonBowl Induction Cooktop is a Must-Have for Confined Cooking Spaces Whether you're a college student, live in an apartment, have little time to cook, or want ...

These Color Changing Gel Pens Will Brighten Your Day!

The Flowers on These Color Changing Gell Pens Bloom When Exposed To Sunlight! Your writing will never be more beautiful than when you write with these non-slip ...

MiniGrip Grip Booster Is Perfect For Every Day Carry

You'll Want to Carry This MiniGrip Key Chain Grip Booster Wherever You Go! The MiniGrip rubber grip tool is a strap you carry on your key chain that works as a ...

Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Satisifies the Desire For Heat! Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce is mustard based hot sauce ...

kITCHEN cUBE Cooking Gadget To Measurably Save Time & Space

Kitchen Cube Measures Everything You Need for Cooking All on One Device! The Kitchen Cube measures your cooking ingredients in one easy-to-clean piece, as it ...

Avocado Huggers Are The Best Way To Preserve Your Avocados

If you're an avocado lover, you know that they can go bad quickly. Finally, a way to keep your avocados fresh! Avocado Huggers are specifically designed ...

MEATER Probe A Wireless Meat Thermometer For Perfect Meals

The Original MEATER Probe is the First Absolutely Wireless Meat Thermometer. The MEATER probe is a meat thermometer with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, 100% ...

Sourdough Fermenter The Only Sourdough Starter Kit You’ll Need

The Sourdough Fermenter is a Versatile Sourdough Starter Kit You Won't Find Anywhere Else! Set yourself up for success with your sourdough by using the Kefirko ...

Unique Beer Mug With Tools for Handles Is Collectible

Does Your Construction Worker, Mechanic, or DIYer Love Beer Too? This JoyJolt beer glass may appear like a novelty, but their beer mug with tools for handles ...

Self-Heating Lunchbox By Sunnyside Transforms Mid-Day Meals

The Sunnyside Heats Keeps Your Food Cool and Heats Your Food in Minutes With Innovative Induction Heating! Lunch will be your favorite time of day with this ...

3 in1 Portable Fan With Mist For Refreshing Bladeless Cooling Power

This Portable Fan With Mist Provides Bladeless Natural Air, A Night Light, and A Diffuser To Add Essential Oils. This portable fan with mist is great for ...

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