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Draft Top Tool Brings A Whole New Meaning to Pop-A-Top

The Draft Top Tool Can Opener Makes Room to Garnish Your Favorite Drink or Pops a Top on Your Favorite Ale for a More Full Flavor Taste. The Draft Top tool removes the top of almost any can and provides opportunities never before afforded to can drinkers.   It is specifically designed for safe ...

Pocket Shot Slingshot 2.0 Is Lighter, Stronger And Faster

Pocket Shot has Released the Newest Evolution of Circular Slingshots in the Pocket Shot Slingshot 2.0 The popular and original popular slingshot was dubbed by many as the hottest sling shot available.  But, Pocket Shot wasn't satisfied with the best.  The Pocket Shot Slingshot 2.0 is the ...

Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Sharpens On the Bar Instantly

Oregeon PowerSharp Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Kit Sharpens in as Little as 3 Seconds We have always been told by the previous generation to work smarter not harder.  The chainsaw teeth sharpener from Oregon lets you do just that.  Sharpening chainsaw teeth can be a hassle and reduce productivity ...

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2 in 1 LED Flashlight That Converts To A Camping Lantern

This 2 in 1 LED Flashlight is Rechargeable by Solar Power and Easily Converts to a Camping Lantern or Emergency Light Just pull the top out of this handheld LED flashlight and get instant 360 degree super bright camping lantern or emergency light.  Combined with reliable solar or USB charging ...

EyeRide HUD : Heads Up Display For Motorcycle Helmets

EyeRide HUD Motorcycle Heads Up Display is Hands Free and Navigated by Voice Command EyeRide HUD keeps you focused on the road while displaying Google maps on a transparent screen to get you where your going.  A directional microphone keeps you connected to other drivers, while the 99db flat ...

Shuttergrip 2 Converts Your Phone To An On The Fly Camera

Just Mobile Shuttergrip 2 Is a Single Handed Smartphone Grip With A Remote Bluetooth Button to Catch any Pic, Anywhere, Anytime The Shuttergrip 2.0 gives you a DSLR camera grip to live stream or capture video and take a snapshot with a firm grip, regardless of the shots difficulty.  Armed with ...

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Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Is An Easy To Use Portable Tire Pump

Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is the World's Smallest and Portable Tire Pump with Unmatched Performance The Norshire mini tire inflator replaces those old bulky, often hideous, and under powered portable tire pumps.  The Power version of this little stick of air dynamite pumps out 174 psi!  That's ...

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Biolite Campstove 2 Converts Heat Energy Into A USB Charger

Cook, Heat, or Charge with the Fully Integrated Biolite Campstove 2 The portable BioLite Campstove 2 boils water or cooks meals in minutes while converting heat from burning wood to charge your USB device.  This fully integrated campfire cooking system comes in a bundle that includes the ...

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