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Mossberg 53 Piece Shotgun Shell Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit

This Shotgun Shell Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit is an Awesome Gift for any Gun Owner. This Mossberg shotgun shell shaped gun cleaning kit comes with 53 essential pieces required for thorough gun cleaning and weapons maintenance.  This affordable gun cleaning kit is jam packed with high quality tools ...

Add A Lock Portable Door Lock

The easy-install, Add A Lock portable door lock will keep you safe and your valuables secure. The Add A Lock portable door lock makes a great security supplement when your on the road or at home.  Have you ever stayed at a hotel and discovered the provided door lock feels like it could fall off ...

Leather Coin Sap Self Defense Pouch

Ever Wonder What To Do With Those Annoying Loose Coins? That's right!  Convert those loose coins into your very own Self Defense Leather Coin SAP.  Transform penny pinching into penny punching.  Handcrafted in thick leather and a practical design convert this coin bag into a perp bashing hot ...

Tac Magnet Gun Mount Made From Strongest Magnets On Earth

The Tac Magnet gun mount keeps your firearm secured and tactically accessible. The Tac Magnet Mount is the MOST durable magnetic gun mount on the market today.  The dual earth magnets prevent gun slippage and fully secures your firearm.  Two Neodymium magnets prevent slide releases, safeties or ...

Handcrafted Damascus Hunting Knife

This handcrafted Damascus hunting knife, is fine tuned for reliability and durability, even retains sharpness after the toughest use.The quality material used over 200 layers of Damascus steel leads this knife to 58-60 HRC hardness on the Rockwell Scale.  The beautifully crafted handle ...

Streetwise Sting Ring

Get the upper hand in a surprise attack with the 18 million volt Streetwise Sting Ring. This 2 in 1 offer provides one Streetwise Sting Ring and a holster to protect the electric probes.  When it comes to protecting yourself or a loved one seconds count.  This inconspicuous sting ring can be ...

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