What Can You Buy With 10 Dollars

If you have $10 bucks to blow, and are asking yourself what can you buy with 10 dollars, we have found the coolest things you will find anywhere.

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These Color Changing Gel Pens Will Brighten Your Day!

The Flowers on These Color Changing Gell Pens Bloom When Exposed To Sunlight! Your writing will never be more beautiful than when you write with these non-slip ...

MiniGrip Grip Booster Is Perfect For Every Day Carry

You'll Want to Carry This MiniGrip Key Chain Grip Booster Wherever You Go! The MiniGrip rubber grip tool is a strap you carry on your key chain that works as a ...

Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Will Truly Boggle Your Senses

Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Looks Like Southern Fried Chicken, But It's Not!...but it does look like it...but it's not. Life Raft Treats' Not Fried Chicken Ice ...

Avocado Huggers Are The Best Way To Preserve Your Avocados

If you're an avocado lover, you know that they can go bad quickly. Finally, a way to keep your avocados fresh! Avocado Huggers are specifically designed ...

Heinz Packet Roller A New Device For 100% Ketchup Extraction

The Condiment Extraction Tool That's Going Viral - Meet The Heinz Packet Roller. The Heinz Packet Roller is a device that helps you easily get every drop out ...

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Restflix Sleepscapes Calm Minds For Fast Sleep & Better Rest

Forget Netflix! Binge on Restflix When Trying To Fall Asleep! Restflix is an evidence-based streaming service aimed at helping you rest and sleep by using ...

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Step By Step Toilet Paper Origami Book Offers 30 Amazing Designs

Transform Your Toilet Paper with Whimsical Designs from the Step by Step Toilet Paper Origami Book The best way to give your bathroom a touch of class without ...

Poppit Sheets Bubble Wrap Tissue The Stress Relief That’s Hard To Stop

Your tiny problems are too big to handle, so you're just sitting on them or— they're sitting on you and making a mess of your life. Relieve your tension and ...

Screaming Goat Toy Unleashes A Bizarrely Hilarious Scream

The Screaming Goat Toy Would Arouse Laughter at a Funeral (Maybe not from Everybody)! There is no doubt Screaming Goats are evidence of God's sense of ...

Funny Banana Duck Statue Brings A Sidesplitting Good Time To Your Yard!

These Silly yet Unique Banana Duck Statues Will Have Your Neighbors Waddling Down the Block to Check out Your Yard! Looking for a fun new display to make the ...

Bigmouth Dumbbell Beer Glass Blast Your Biceps 24 oz At A Time

The Dumbbell Beer Glass Ensures you get your Daily Reps In Without Going to the Gym A six-pack of abs is good, but, a six-pack of beer is much better! The ...

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