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KURVD Universal Lens Cap Has Your Camera Lenses Covered

KURVD Universal Lens Caps are the best protection for your camera equipment.

Regardless if you are the hardcore photographer always in the muck or a light hobbyist caught in the rain, there is a place for the KURVD Universal Lens Cap in your camera bag.  The one size fits all rubber cap tightly seals around any camera lens so, if you get dirty, your camera won’t.

You can double up for maximum protection because the rubber lens caps can protect either end of your lenses.  The lens cap maintains a radius of 60mm and expands up to 150mm, covering and protecting every lens in your bag.  Dropped your lens? Its OK butterfingers!  The rubber make up of the KURVD Universal Lens Cap provides drop protection as well.

The tight seal of the elastic rubber not only protects your lenses from water and accidental drops, but, it will also seal your lens protecting it from dust and dirt.

Good camera equipment is can be a hard earned investment, keep peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

The covers also work with ND filters, hoods, and flashes.  As you can see the covers are very difficult to damage and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Where to Buy the KURVD Universal Lens Cap

Kurvd Universal Lens Cap
Kurvd Universal Lens Cap
$35.00 $50.00

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