Universal Tactical Seat Covers: Military MOLLE Truck and Car Seat Organizers


These Universal Tactical Seat Covers are a Rugged & Tough MOLLE Storage System for Your Vehicle

Tactical seat covers ensure, no matter where you are traveling, your gear will always be an arms length away.  There is no denying in 2020, there are any number of unexpected situations you may find yourself in while driving.

The military prepares for the unexpected and you should too.  Whether a quick diaper is needed for the kids, or you find yourself pulling up to an angry barefoot flash mob blocking the roadway and blaming you for killing sea turtles.  The tactical seat covers from SmittyBilt GEAR allow you to be ready for anything.

Even those with the most situational awareness need to relax on occasion.  Check our our post on the Personalized Tactical Vest Drink Koozies.

Keep the tactical advantage while maximizing comfort with the military style, interchangeable pack, storage and a comfortable and durable seat cover.

The universal tactical seat organizer can be equipped with pet or baby supplies, the kids electronics, tools for use on the go, or a concealed weapon with first aid and trauma kits.

The universal tactical seat covers are easy to install and come with six MOLLE pouches or you can customize your own setup.  Its durability is due to its construction of 600D polyester and PVC liner.  They are available in black, tan, or green.

Where to Buy the Universal Tactical Seat Covers

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  1. Quality manufacturing and a great fit on my 2017 Tacoma. The pouches are the best part of this set up and i have already gotten used to un-snapping one and using it outside of the car too.

  2. For the price i got them for was a good deal. For the price the quality is good. They will fad but everything that you leave in the sun will do that.They work well on giving you room in my toyota pickup truck. Thats the reason i got them they seem to work will with my toyota seats.if you have a toyota truck and need more room then you should get them or some type of off road car. See you on the rocks.

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