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Unspillable Beer Glasses Will Drunk Proof Your Party


Unspillable Beer Glasses are an Invaluable Asset When its Party Time!

Want to prevent wasting a good beer?  Unspillable beer glasses grip the surface to make sure a bump doesn’t turn into a spill.  Everyone has come home from a hard days work, poured a cold one and before you could get a sip it gets knocked over.  How frustrating!  The risk is multiplied when friends are over and things get a little tipsy and not just your glass.

Put a permanent cease to the party fouls! Get rid of your old fashioned barware and pour your cold one into a Mighty Mug unspillable pint glass! These gripping beer glasses can be bumped from every angle and not spill over, but, when it is time to take a drink, they lift off the table with ease. Smartgrip function never wears out and is guaranteed to work on any smooth, flat surface. They even grip grip firmly on boats, trains and planes.

Whether you are drinking alone or with friends, drunk proof your barware.  You can rest assured your drink will be waiting for you in these unspillable beer glasses and not on the floor for your dog to enjoy.

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