With These Urinal Shot Glasses Urine For A Party You’ll Never Forget


In a World of COVID-19 Toilet Lickers and Tide Bomb Swallowers, the Urinal Shot Glasses don’t really surprise you, do they?

That is exactly why these Urinal Shot Glasses make a great gift for young adults with no life experience or just as a great gag gift at parties.

These unique shot glasses will be the number one choice at any party for shot takers.  There is no second place, that is because number two is frowned upon in this application.  Urine for a shocking reaction to whoever receives these and they would be pissed if you don’t get the Urinal Shot Glasses for the next white elephant party, gag gift, or just for fun.

The shot glasses are made of ceramic and are dishwasher safe.  They make a great addition to any shot glass collection or home wet bar.  They are a little awkward to drink from. But, then again, isn’t drinking from a urinal supposed to be awkward?

To get the real feel, just add a little of your favorite yellow Tequilla.  After a few shots the awkwardness goes away.

If you are looking for personalized shot glasses, check out our post on these Personalized Whiskey Shot Glasses and Gift Kit for Military Heroes!

Where to Buy the Urinal Shot Glasses

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  1. Got these and a bottle of yellow tequila for my best mate for his birthday, and we promptly used them to drink all the tequila. Money well spent.

  2. Were the perfect thing for our white elephant gift at the company holiday party (as it’s a plumbing company.) Bonus? They look great and are actually functional. ya know, if you wanna drink out of a urinal!


  4. Awesome gift for the person you find so hard to shop for.

  5. Look cool and hilarious! Should be a great $10 white elephant gift for an ugly sweater party. Both shot glasses were in good shape upon delivery.

  6. They were a big hit, gave them as a gift and were well received

  7. This was a hit at my company’s white elephant Christmas party!!!!

  8. I gave this a white elephant gift at a party. Everyone at the party loved them and wished it was the gift they received. The shot glasses are made well and actually resemble a urinal. They are a little awkward to drink from based on the shape but that was to be expected with the novelty gift and what they are. They arrived well packaged inside the box from the seller with bubble wrap for protection which I really appreciated

  9. Needed a White Elephant Gift this year for Company Christmas Party. Included a bottle of Liquor with it! Should be a hit and thank goodness these gifts can only be stolen three times!!! These are Awesome!

  10. Purchased this for a white elephant gift exchange. This was the most traded/stolen gift.

  11. Got these for a gag gift for the white elephant party it was the laugh of the party.

  12. So funny! Perfect!

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