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USB Fingerprint Scanner-Biometric Screening For PC’s


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Kensington VeriMark Biometric Screening USB Fingerprint Scanner

The Only USB Fingerprint Reader You Will Ever Need

This biometric screening USB fingerprint scanner boasts 360° readability with anti-spoofing protection.

A biometric screening USB fingerprint scanner provides better protection for your laptop or pc files than previous security options.  This Kensington VeriMark key betters other USB fingerprint readers with its advanced technology and  attachability to your key ring.  Most USB scanners only fit one type of port.  This reader fits all USB ports including 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1.

The Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Scanner is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and uses Windows Hello login.  No longer any need to remember passwords.  It is FIDO U2F Certified to meet two factor security key login with Google, Facebook, GitHub, and Dropbox.

The advanced technology converts biometric data into a proprietary template format prevents recreation, reverse-engineering or use for unintended purposes.  The data is encrypted and digitally signed using strong 256-bit advanced encryption Standard and transport layer security technologies to prevent eavesdropping, tampering or fraud.

Each of your family members or work team members can enjoy the use of one USB scanner due to its ability to differentiate between 10 different user profiles.

Here is what one helpful reviewer had to say:

“…I removed the USB device from its package and plugged it into my laptop. After a quick trip to Windows System settings and running the fingerprint setup, I was in business. Now, when I turn on my computer , I just touch my finger to the reader and presto…I’m in.  Extra benefit, I use RoboForm, one of the best Password Managers out there. It only requires you to remember ‘one’ password to login to any site you visit With RoboForm and the VeriMark, I don’t have to type any passwords.  I’m sure there will be other applications that will greatly benefit from the VeriMark, but the bottom line is…it works very well and is stable and dependable.” – Retirednlovingit


What other types of computer security are you using to keep your information secure?

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  1. I purchased the Kensington VeriMark fingerprint reader hoping to accomplish two things. I wanted a fingerprint reader that works with Windows Hello to speed up the login process to my Window 10 systems. I also wanted a device that supported the FIDO U2F standard to implement 2 factor authentication on websites such as Dropbox, Google, and Github. Both the Amazon website and the more detailed Kensington website stated the Verimark is FIDO U2F certified and would work with these sites. Furthermore, the VeriMark supposedly worked with password management software such as Dashlane.First the good news: The VeriMark functions very well as a fingerprint reader and Windows 10 login is reliable and very fast using the VeriMark. The only time it fails is when one is careless when touching the reader.Now the bad news: I tried using the VeriMark with at least 4 websites that support the FIDO U2F standard. None of the sites would recognize the VeriMark as a valid key. I also tried and failed to use the VeriMark with the Dashlane password manager application. After my attempts failed I contacted Dashlane tech support. They informed me that Dashlane does NOT support the VeriMark, but that they are working on providing support.I have since purchased a Yubikey NEO to use with FIDO U2F websites. It has worked with all the sites I’ve tried using both a Windows PC and an iMac.So at this point the VeriMark is a fairly expensive fingerprint reader and that’s about it. But you can always try to find the Microsoft and watch the cute little puppy!

  2. It does what it says it does. It adds fingerprint reading functionality to your Windows 10 computer.*Works with Windows 10.*Works with LastPass Premium*It does not act as a password storage device itself. It has no other function except to add fingerprint reading functionality to your computer.TIP #1: When you install it into your computer, wait. You may have to wait several minutes for the system to register it and set it up. Then, go to your SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > SIGN IN OPTIONS. There you will see Windows Hello. If the fingerprint reader has been fully recognized, you should see an option there to add fingerprints. If it doesn’t work after about 5 minutes, try rebooting your computer, wait about 10 minutes, then try again. I attached a picture of where you should see Windows Hello.TIP #2: For LastPass Premium, go to OPEN MY VAULT. In that screen, lower left, open ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Pick MULTIFACTOR OPTIONS from the top row. Then scroll down and you should see the image I have attached to this review. Click on the little pencil. Change the NO to YES to activate fingerprint reading. Click UPDATE, enter your password, then it should ask you to scan your fingerprint. Voila!Hope that helps!

  3. I wanted to add biometric authentication to an older laptop. When I saw this item on sale during Black Friday, I took a chance and ordered it. As usual for Amazon where I live, the item arrived quickly and well packaged.After removing the keyring safety cap, I inserted the VeriMark key into an unused USB port and waited for Windows to download and install the necessary driver. Since I already had Windows Hello set up with a PIN, I simply needed to go to “Windows Settings->Sign-in options” (hint: go to Windows Settings and use the “Find a setting” search bar) set up the fingerprint reader.After that had been completed, I wanted to set up sites like Facebook and Google to use the VeriMark as a 2nd Factor authentication method (FIDO U2F). Try as I might, I could not get these sites to work with the VeriMark device. Since I am a Firefox user, I thought I should try Google Chrome. Low-and-behold, the device worked great with Chrome. After a quick search, I found an article that stated Firefox Quantum currently has U2F support disabled by default. A-ha! Hopefully, this will help others to fully enjoy this great device.Since I cannot post a link, perform a web search for “How to Navigate FIDO U2F in Firefox Quantum”.While the FIDO U2F experience in Firefox is limited at the moment, turning it on is very simple. It only takes three steps.1. Type about:config into the Firefox browser.2. Search for “u2f”.3. Double click on security.webauth.u2f to enable U2F support.

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