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Allume UVC Light Sanitizer Is A Portable UVC Light Disinfector For Home Or Travel


The UVC Light Sanitizer Wand By Allume Sterilizes Surfaces At Home or On-The-Go and Folds for Easy Storage

The Allume UVC Light Sanitizer Wand uses shortwave LEDs that radiate UVC shortwave length light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on your items and surfaces that can get you sick.

What makes the Allume UVC Light Sanitizer unique is that it is large enough to use at home and has a folding light bar for lightweight portability on-the-go.  The UVC light sanitizer is safe, chemical-free, and eco-friendly.  You won’t be needing to wipes or harsh chemicals to sanitize your surfaces and items ever again.

UVA UVB UVC Why It Matters

Ultraviolet light is a band of electromagnetic radiation with higher energies and shorter wavelengths than visible light.  There is a broad spectrum of ultraviolet light from longer wavelengths to shorter wavelengths..  UVA and UVB are rays that hit the earths surface from the sun.

UVA light is the longest of the UV wavelengths.  Most black light falls into this category with the exception of what you see coming from blacklight flashlights.  This small area of exception comes from violet spectrum light that is visible.

UVC light is the shorter of the three spectrums and known for its tremendous germ killing ability.  UVC light can damage a virus’s RNA so that it is no longer able to reproduce and infect.  UVC light can also damage the protein that coats the virus, disabling its ability to attach to a host cell.

Allume UVC Light Sanitizer Vs Commercial UV Light Sanitizers

Airline companies, businesses, hotels and hospitals specifically use the same UVC light to disinfect surfaces and kill off viruses that chemicals might miss.  Exposure time is the most important consideration to ensure thorough sanitizing.

Though commercially comparable, the Allume UVC Light Sanitizer is safe to use with some precautions.  They have equipped the UVC light sanitizer with gravity switch that shuts it off when the bulbs are rotated upwards.  You should also not expose your skin or your eyes to this light.  The safest cleaning is done with no one else in the room.

Where to Buy the Allume UVC Light Sanitizer

Allume - UV-C Portable Wand
Allume - UV-C Portable Wand
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$125.00 $250.00

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