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Vanqraft VQ 16 Jet Ski Boat Combo Is The Best of Both Worlds


The Vanqraft VQ 16 Jet Ski Boat Combo Maximizes the Excitement of Your Water Bound Adventures!

If you are a fan of spyder bikes, hover crafts, or personal transport drones, you will love the Vanqraft VQ 16 jet ski boat combo. Vanquish Yachts has revolutionized water adventure crafts with this merger of a super yacht tender and a jet ski. Now to can enjoy jumping waves with up to four friends.

The Vanqraft VQ 16 is like a jet ski dropped into the middle of a super sleek sportsman boat. Guido de Groot Design developed the streamlined vessel with a fiber glass hull to keep the weight reduced.

The reduced weight improves the performance of the 200 horsepower Yamaha motor that propels the splashy craft up to 40 knots. If that isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the Veloce version an top out at 50 knots. Both engines allow reverse propulsion when needed.

The Vanqraft VQ 16 jet ski boat combo may be five meters long, but, as you can see in the promotional video, it is very responsive and has plenty of power.

You can request specific pricing at the bottom of the page on Pricing is likely variable depending on customizations, but, the word on the web is coming in around $90,000.

Where to Buy the Vanqraft VQ 16 Jet Ski Boat Combo

Vanqraft VQ16 Jet Ski Boat
Vanqraft VQ16 Jet Ski Boat

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