Varier Gravity Balans Chair A New Way of Stress Free Living


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The Varier Zero Gravity Chair Satisfies All Your Daily Needs!

The Varier Gravity Balans chair is one of the most adaptable zero gravity chairs with a unique design.

The uncommon engineering of this chair allows to you work, play, and rest all in one place.

Each Varier balance chair provides four functional benefits sitting upright, kneeling, reclining, and zero gravity.

Varier Gravity Balans Chair

It’s like getting four chairs for buying only one Varier Gravity Balans Chair!

To start your day, sit upright to enjoy your coffee before things get hectic.  In the upright position, you can place your feet on the floor or extend them over the shin pads for a more relaxed position.

When it is time to get down to business, switch to the kneeling position aligning your posture to the best position while working on your computer or laptop for hours.

The kneeling position works much like this Uplift Kneeling Chair while providing the benefits of a fully functional chair.

At break time, lean back to the reclining position with full support for your neck and back to escape and enjoy your favorite music for a while.

Varier Gravity Balans Chair

When the day is done and you need a nap or want to settle into your hobby, lean all the way back to zero gravity reclining that places your feet above your heart for ultimate relaxation.

When you are leaning back the flexible zero-gravity chair gently rocks to the rhythm of your breathing for even more relaxation.

Varier Balans Backrest

High-quality polyurethane is molded to make the backrest and shin rests, which maintain their shape and offer the utmost comfort.

The headrest and slanted backrest are separated by a gap that allows for arm and shoulder mobility. You have the option of adjusting the headrest itself to suit your needs.

Where to Buy The Varier Gravity Balans Chair

Varier Gravity Balans Chair
Varier Gravity Balans Chair

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