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Varram: Interactive Pet Fitness Robot & Treat Giver


The Varram Pet Fitness Robot Encourages Activity From Your Dog By Tossing Treats as it Roams.

Entertain and exercise your pet even when you are away with the Varram Pet Fitness Robot.  If only 22% of Americans are getting sufficient exercise, it is a safe assumption even fewer pets are.  In fact, a 2017 study revealed 56% of dogs and 60% of cats are classified as clinically overweight.  Solve this problem in your home by making sure your pets are active and healthy and never alone.  Adding Varram to your dogs regiment can go a long way in keeping your dog active and your dog's weight control in check.

How the Varram Pet Fitness Robot Works

Sometimes your dog may go through separation anxiety, loneliness, or bad behavior while you are gone.  Until of course the Varram robot shoots across the room and catches snuggles attention.  Then your dog investigates to figure out just what this thing is that has invaded mom and dad's house!  Once your dog gets close enough to do some investigation, it tosses a treat then it's off to the races again.  No more chewed toilet paper rolls and sofa pillows!

The best part of this pet toy is that the Varram can be scheduled or controlled by the smartphone app in real time!  It is driven by AI automatic driving capability controlled by you.  You can also monitor activity stats as the toy to senses different elements in its surroundings, your pet’s strengths and rewards your pet’s interactions.  The durable design allows for long lasting entertainment and it operates on varying surfaces throughout the house.

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