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Vinci Citrus Juicer Is A Hands Free Pressure Juicer


With the Vinci Citrus Juicer Works in Three Easy Steps: Slice, Insert, and Press

Why another juicer?  The answer is simple.  The Vinci Citrus Juicer is a no frills, no bulk, pressure sensitive juicer by Vinci.  It works simply hands free, mess free, and you get fresh juice in 10 seconds.

The Pressure Sensitive Juicing Technology of the Vinci Citrus Juicer senses the thickness of the rind. Then, the high torque motorized base raises the reamer into the lid squeezing the maximum amount of juice possible and pouring it into the pulp filters.

Two pulp filters are supplied; one for low pulp; one for high pulp.

All the fruit holding and juice pouring parts remove easily and are dishwasher safe.  The entire pressure sensitive juicer will store in most cabinet storage spaces.

Don’t forget to check out this drip free glass carafe with a stainless steel sealed lid on Amazon for storing juice or decanting a good wine.

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  1. This product is much more than I could have ever anticipated. It is so easy to use, it extracts every bit of juice and pulp, and so easy to clean up and store. I’ve resisted for many years buying an electric juicer because I just knew they wouldn’t do a good job. Boy, was I surprised. I would have to say we previewed every juicer Priced from $25-$250 and ultimately decided on this one. I believe we were very fortunate to have found this juicer.

  2. I am so pleased with this juicer. It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks beautiful on my counter top.Unlike other juicers that I’ve owned, It has a unique and innovative design. It is easy to use, efficient and super easy to clean.Most importantly, compared to many others, it is cost effective and affordable.I am certain this will be the last juicer I’ll ever have to purchase.

  3. Avatar of North Idaho Amazon Customer
    North Idaho Amazon Customer August 25, 2019 at 00:00

    Great little juicer until the lid latch broke on the 16th lemon.EDIT: The folks at Vinci were very helpful and promptly replaced the juicer upon hearing of the issue with the latch which appears to be an isolated incident.

  4.  I have tried several juicer & this is hands down my favorite juicer! I will never drink juice any other way. If you love fresh squeezed orange juice like I do, you need this juicer! You will never drink juice any other way, trust me. I don’t like buying store orange juice with it’s artificial flavor & high sugar. This machine is easy to use. I didn’t even read the instructions & I was able to figure it out. I just turned on the power button, cut the orange in half, opened the top put in the orange, closed the lid & pressed the button. It was also, easy to clean. I just removed the top part & washed it. This is my favorite appliance right now.

  5. Although I had to return it – and was sent a replacement – I STILL give it 5 Stars. It is a wonderful orange juice squeezer and I use it every day. Something happened a few days ago and the juicer made a loud noise with two pieces of plastic shooting out across the room. No Problem!!! I contacted Amazon and received a brand new juicer the following day and a code to return the one that broke.That is why I always buy my items on Amazon Prime!!!!!!! Yes – what happened probably was just a fluke. Yes – I Love this juicer and Amazon!!!

  6. Overpriced cheap plastic juicer, broke after a few uses. Too cover snapped and plastic broke. I tried to attach photo but unable for some reason. Don’t buy this juicer

  7. This juice extractor was easy to operate and clean. I juiced 8 Meyer lemons in less than 20 minutes stopping a few times to clear away the pulp from the strainer. It did not grind into the peel. The spout did not leak. I plan to use the lemon peels to make my own cleaning solution with vinegar. I was so happy with the results and the ease of the product I bought a bag of oranges to juice later in the week. Definitely happy with my purchase, and plan to recommend this to friends.

  8. For the price this is a below average item.why? The most annoying thing is that the secure twist feature that holds the top and bottom when squeezing the juice will come undone every 2 or 3 fruits.i have to hold it so it won’t twist.a good point is that is fast but still annoying. Also the tongue or latch piece that lets the juice out of the receptacle came with one small piece more and the juice will be spill as you squeeze. Also..why is the receptacle so small?well.if you are searching for your dream or perfect juicer this is not the one.oh it is made in China…quality is not what they were going after.when this thing breaks I’ll buy from a different brand.ill probably buy something and throw this away first I seems that a lot of people that give this product 5 stars complain about something so why no lower the stars?an item should be judge on how the product works not customer service. I don’t return or ask 4 my money back.i just won’t buy from them or give a fake review.

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