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Wallet Ninja Multi Tool : Carry A 18 in 1 Tool Box In Your Wallet

The Wallet Ninja Multi Tool is 100% flat and 4x heat treated steel guaranteed for life not to rust, bend, or dull.

How many tools can you carry a wallet? The answer is 18 with the Wallet Ninja Multi Tool! The power of 18 reliable, functional, everyday tools, in the size of a credit card!   The multi purpose tool is 100% flat and fits in your perfectly in your wallet.  Silently it awaits to attack any hex bolt, unopened can, or a fruit that thinks it is protected by it’s unpeeled skin.

It leaves bottle caps begging for mercy. It slays envelopes like its cutting through water and it fillets a box into a flat pile of recyclable material. Yet it is humble enough to support your phone as a phone stand.  When not in use it lays unnoticed in the darkness of your wallet, waiting to strike when you can’t seem to find that one tool you are looking for.

Where To Buy The 18-1 Wallet Ninja Multi Tool

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