Waterlily Turbine Portable Power Off Grid Anywhere


Waterlily Turbine

Portable Off Grid Power Anywhere In Any Weather

The Waterlily turbine is the off grid portable power source that uses water or wind anywhere, any weather.

This Waterlily turbine ain't your grandpappy's off grid power charger.  It's a portable water and wind turbine that submerges or suspends in any environment.  It comes complete with USB ports and a power bank to take with you on the hike for emergency back up.  A 25 foot of paracord and D-rings are included to mount or submerge your portable charger for as long as you wish to obtain power.  No water?  No wind?  You really are off the grid!  No worries, this 3 in 1 power source also allows you to generate power by hand in a pinch.

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