Warm Wearable Blanket For Adults With Sleeves and Foot Pockets


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Defeat the Cold with a Comfortable Wearable Blanket that Protects your Feet!

Winter is coming and the Catalonia wearable blanket with sleeves and foot pockets will provide warm comfort more quickly and easily.

With closed pools, gardens dying off, and frigid temperatures soon on their way, you can cozy up for winter and binge-watch your favorite show in comfort by the fireplace.

No more looking like Randy from Christmas Story in his snowsuit by donning multiple layers of sweaters, pants, and socks just to keep warm.

These wearable blankets can keep the whole family comfortable without blanket hogging, constant adjustments, or frozen toes.

The Catalonia snuggle blanket is an ultra-soft plush blanket & cozy throw that keeps you warm from head to toe.

Wearable Blanket For Adults With Sleeves And Foot Pockets

Back buttons keep the blanket pulled completely over you so you never have to expose yourself to the cold, except for the icy toilet seat.

With a front pouch to carry your phone or remote, arm sleeves, and foot pockets, you can freely walk around your home or grab a snack between episodes.

Use our links or the offer button below to find wearable blanket selections in 18 designs and colors. Color options are Blue, Brown, Dark Gray, Green, light Gray, Navy, Pink, Purple, Tan, and Wine.

The various design prints include

With all those wearable blanket options, you can find the perfect selection for the whole family or friends and keep them warm and happy all year round.

Where to Buy the Wearable Blanket For Adults With Sleeves and Foot Pockets

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