Weighted Blanket


Your dog has a thunder jacket, yet you haven’t treated yourself! You need to be wrapped in this weighted blanket!

The weighted compression helps reduce stress and anxiety!  The blanket can also help with your quality of sleep.  It comes in multiple weights and multiple colors.

The blanket is extra soft, wellness enhanced, and care friendly. Life can be stressful, anxiety-ridden and chaotic. You have the power of natural options to decompress. Quality sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle. Every minute of good sleep counts.  To completely remove your self from outside influences add the Ostrich Pillow we posted about.

For best results, use a weight that is approximately 7-10% of your body weight. Different individuals may have varying preferences. The seller is a US based small business located in Irvine, California. They operate with integrity and focus on quality. Their goal is to provide you our best product and service.

Where To Buy The Weighted Blanket

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