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Weighted Hula Hoop Adds A Little Boogie to Your BodyBuilding


This Unique Hula Hoop can be a Great Addition to Your Exercise Regimen

The never fall weighted hula hoop is a low impact way to incorporate cardio and abdominal strength training to your workout at home or at the office.

The hula hoop has detachable sections to adjust to waist size and a noiseless weighted ball that enhances strength and effective shaping.

The weighted hula hoop benefits your core muscles and lower body.  The 360° shock absorbing hoop allows you to comfortably exercise with out the lower back pain from high impact exercises.

Weighted Hula Hoop BodyBuilding

Once you start, you can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue while getting the ideal figure.

Using the hula hoop is claimed by the manufacture to be 2 to 3 times the fat burning rate of an ordinary hula hoop.

In addition to the weight loss, hula hooping a few minutes at a time a couple of times during the day can tone and train muscles in the belly and waist.

Want to really amp up your work out?  Adjust the length of the rope for more intensity.

Weighted Hula Hoop BodyBuilding

Weighted hula hoop exercise is great for beginners.  There is no trying to keep the weighted hula hoop on your waist because it never falls.

The  inner massage rings can even reduce labor pains in the waist.

If you are more of a traditionalist and can keep a hula hoop going, check out the more conventional weighted hoop.

The 24 section diameter hula hoop has an upper limit of 51.96 inches with a magnetic buckle and can be adjusted to your weight loss.

The weighted hula hoop is available at Walmart with 24 removable sections and comes in blue, pink, or purple.

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