Weird Canned Foods Combo Pack


Weird canned foods make a funny gag gift for the incessant doomsdayer.

These weird canned foods make even the worst doomsdayer always look on the bright side of life, as Monte Python song goes.  The person given this item just might like a good pot of creamed possum with sweet taters, mixed in coon fat gravy.   But, they usually can’t resist the canned squirrel or armadillo meat.  Just tell them to save the Armadillo On the half shell for a REAL nice occasion.  Although these funny canned foods can bring a good chuckle, they pay tribute to a time when life was much rougher and survival was the priority.  They also help keep the roadsides clean.

Here is what a couple of pranksters had to say about them:

These were a huge hit at out company Yankee Swap…

“These were a huge hit at our company Yankee swap this year – everyone wanted them for their kid’s stockings or to pass on in their own swaps. I kept one for myself and couldn’t resist opening it to see if there was anything inside….dirt! Now you know.” – Otherpotato

Lots of laughs over these products…

“Hilarious. Everyone was laughing and shaking the – realistic- canned products! Comments ranged from – Is it real? Can you really eat it? What IS really inside this can? Very cleverly written ingredients and promotion ads on the cans’ labels! Make a terrific white elephant gift! Many people wanted to take these home and did!” – Annonymous Amazon Customer


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