What do Himalayan Salt Lamps Do? Facts Vs Fable


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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Beneficial?

They are pretty.  They add nice mood lighting.  But, what do Himalayan Salt Lamps Do?

Many proponents of salt lamps believe there are varying benefits that come from salt lamps.

Some claim they purify the air. Others claim they help with respiratory issues.  Yet, others claim they improve mood and sleep issues.  Some even claim they do all of this.

However, it is always better to find your own truth, rather than take someone’s word for it.

That is why we have compiled some reliable information so that you can make your own decision regarding fact vs fable.

What exactly is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are carved from blocks of pink salt mined in the Himalayan mountains.

They are made by inserting a bulb inside the hollowed block of salt.  Genuine Himalayan salt blocks come from the Punjab region in Pakistan.

The lamps emit a unique pink glow when lit due to the high mineral content of the salt.

Consumers purchase these lamps primarily due to the unique look and color or for the benefits the lamps apparently provide.

So How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Work?

Some believe the Himalayan Salt Lamps are “natural ionizers” which in common terms means they change the electrical charge in the air.

Ions are produced naturally in the air by various natural occurrences such as waves, storms, heat, etc.

Ions can be created by commercially available ionizers or by scientific equipment that can actually assist in weather manipulation.

It is accepted that Himalayan salt lamps produce ions by attracting water particles that evaporate into a salt solution when heated forming the negative ions.

3 Most Common Claims By Health Advocates

Improved Air Quality

Salt is by nature hygroscopic, in common terms it attracts water molecules.  Water molecules collect pollutants causing allergies, infections, and other issues.

By it’s hygroscopic nature, it is believed that the water molecules are collected on the salt lamp thereby reducing pollutants in the air.

According to the Lung Institute, salt removes airborne pollen, loosens excessive mucus, and is antibacterial.

So there is good evidence that a REAL Himalayan Salt Lamp may provide some health benefits when it comes to air quality.

Improving Respiratory Issues

An abundance of studies have shown highly impressive results by the use of salt in respiratory therapy.  Himalayan salt is now a common ingredient in asthma and allergy relieving inhalers.

It is also used to treat chronic respiratory issues such as COPD, chronic bronchitis, and cystic fibrosis.

Many salt therapy treatments include salt cave spas either actual or replicated with real salt, salt pipe inhalers, salt lamps and others.

Obviously in any case, results will vary by individual circumstance.

It should also be noted that the salt lamp form of salt therapy should not be used as a primary treatment rather a supplemental treatment to respiratory issues.

Improving Mood and Sleep Issues

Another accepted benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamps is the calming affect they may provide.

According to psychologists and actual human experience, the warm pinkish to orange glow of the lamp is a calming and happy presence.

This calming presence can assist in going to sleep.

In addition, Himalayan Salt Lamps create negative ions like a water fall but in much smaller amounts.

When ions reach the bloodstream, they are believed to produce reactions that increase serotonin helping relieve stress and boost day time energy (f).

Real VS Fake Lamps

  1. Ensure your lamp is authentically from the Himalayan Mountains, the only source of genuine pure crystal rock salt.
  2. If its cheap its probably fake.  Authentic Salt Lamps are generally in the $3 – $4.50 range per pound at retail.
  3. If the lamp handles moisture well, then it is not the real mccoy!  You can test it by rubbing it with a wet cloth gently.  There should be some slight coloring left on your cloth.
  4. They are extremely fragile.  Fake ones will not chip or break if bumped or knocked over.

Ultimately, scientists have not taken the time to study the affects of these lamps.

However, evidence shows the use of salt, by its nature is beneficial and it has been proven to be.

So if you are looking to get a Himalayan Salt Lamp, whether to add to your home decor or assist with health benefits, ensure the product you buy is an authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Where to Buy an Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

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