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Windmill Watermelon Slicer That Cuts Your Melon In Cubes

The Windmill Watermelon Slicer uses a Windmill Styled Wheel to Dice your Melon into Bite Sized Cubes.

You will not regret getting this Windmill Watermelon Slicer by KitchenCuration as it makes watermelon feasts so much easier and cleaner.  Melon slicing will be done in just a few minutes and ready to serve.  No more fumbling an 8lb melon like its a cat that wants out of your arms.

How to Use the Watermelon Slicer

Prep time is easily cut in half.  Just grip the push bar on the by the handle and push the bar through the juicy melon flesh, letting automatic cutting blades of the windmill do the rest.  To virtually eliminate your prep time, cut the melon in halves or quarters and give the tool to your guests to cut their own.

Adjust the cutting depth by lowering the Windmill Watermelon cutter on the meat to cut perfect cubes or raise it to cut thinner squares.

The stainless steel 18/8 will never rust and the entire watermelon slicer is water resistant.  Each bite sized piece of melon is approximately 3/4 of an inch or 2cm.

You will find this cool cutter at out of Miami, Florida through our link below.

Where to Buy the Watermelon Slicer

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